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Elijah: The Coyote Slayer

In the Tennessee countryside, a brave and determined donkey named Elijah has earned himself the title of “The Coyote Slayer.” With his sturdy frame, Elijah fearlessly protects his miniature, equine companions from the looming threat of coyotes. His acute senses allow him to detect the slightest rustle in the bushes or howl in the distance. […]

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Fat Head: Party Chick

Fat Head was always in for a fun time. After winning first place at the Sevier Co Fair for her beauty (and for spitting watermelon seeds the furthest) along with her two sisters, Boba and Yaga, she decided it was time to throw a party! She invited her fellow chickens, rabbits, and other pets to

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Daisy: Honey Ham

Young and spirited, Honey Ham is unlike any other pig in the farm. A farming boar with a heart as golden as his sun-kissed skin and a work ethic that is the envy of every farmer in Pigeon Forge. The first one to rise with the sun, he greets each day with a cheerful oink!

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Martha, My Deer

Picture this: a house on the edge of old-growth woods with cool, misty mornings. A pair of deer – sisters, named Martha and Mary – visit routinely for the residents’ enjoyment during their days’ first cup of coffee. Mary, the eldest, always keeps her attention affixed to the window, eyeing its inhabitants carefully. Martha, on

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Lana: Fat Bun

Lana was once a scared, underfed little bunny who didn’t know what love felt like until she found her true family, and all of that changed! Now with mounds of almonds and bunches of bananas for company, she lounges her evenings away in a deep recliner with her “grandpa,” Arturo, watching animal discovery channels and

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Shay: The Diva

No ordinary cat; Shay is a feline with an extravagant personality and a taste for the finer things in life. While most cats are content with simple fare, she has a unique obsession – she adores lettuce. Yes, lettuce! Shay loves to nibble and savor each crisp, crunchy bite. She also demands only the finest

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